There are many reasons why parents choose full day care or sessional pre-school for their children. For some it facilitates a return to work, training, or education, while others may simply want to see their child enjoy the socialisation and developmental benefits associated with quality childcare.

"At Kids Klubs there will always be a warm and genuine welcome for your child by our friendly and attentive staff."

There are many factors you may need to consider when choosing the right childcare service for your child, but the most important consideration is that you are happy that your child is happy and is getting the best of care.

At Kids Klubs we will do everything to help you through this process, ensuring that all your questions are answered and fears put to rest. We believe that your choice of Kids Klubs will help your child meet his or her emotional and developmental needs while also meeting your lifestyle needs.

At Kids Klubs we will:

  • Help your child be happy, content, stimulated, and loved.
  • Support your child to build positive relationships, strengthen social skills such as developing empathy and resilience, and gain valuable play skills.
  • Provide stability.
  • Provide flexible childcare arrangements from 1 to 50+ hours a week, to fit in with your work and lifestyle.
  • Support your return to work/training/education or other.
  • Work closely with families to support ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Work closely with relevant government bodies and local childcare services to bring you the appropriate funding/supports you require.

When deciding if our facility is the best for your child, parents/ guardians would arrange a viewing. This is an informal meeting, where you can take a look around the premises and we will talk you through a typical day, for your child when in our care. This also gives you the chance to see first hand, the interaction between the staff and the children.


  • "My son has been in Kids Klubs for almost 4 years and I've never looked back since the day I brought him in. Kids Klubs has a wonderful atmosphere of fun. The staff not only teach and support him but I know they love and care for him too. The variety of activities they have would entertain any child."

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  • "My grandson attended Kids Klubs and he was happy there. His speech wasn't great when he started but by the time he was finished, he was speaking perfectly. The staff are friendly, trustworthy, hardworking, and always put the children above everything else."

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  • "Aimee has been attending Kids Klubs since July 2008, when she was 7 months old. She has been in all the rooms from the Baby Room right up to after-school care, and has enjoyed all aspects of Kids Klubs. She is now 7 years old and still very happy to be attending Kids Klubs."

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