Kids Klubs Montessori has been operating since 1989. Our aim is to provide quality, affordable childcare for children aged from 3 months to 12 years. The welfare of the children in our care and their parents peace of mind is our number one priority.

We achieve a high standard of care for the child as an individual through close relationships with their families and the local communities.

  • Our aim is to help your child be happy and content.
  • To teach your child valuable social skills, such as sharing and making friends.
  • To recognise and encourage each child's potential.
  • To encourage your child's physical, intellectual and emotional skills.
  • To provide stability.
  • To provide flexible childcare arrangements 1 to 55 hours a week, to fit in with your work and lifestyle.
  • To support your return to work/training/education or other.
  • To work closely with families to support ethnic and cultural diversity.

Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme

The Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE) provides a free pre-school year for children in the year before they start primary school.

Click ECCE Scheme for more info.

When deciding if our facility is the best for your child, parents/ guardians would arrange a viewing. This is an informal meeting, where you can take a look around the premises and we will talk you through a typical day, for your child when in our care. This also gives you the chance to see first hand, the interaction between the staff and the children.